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Manar Al Hinai

Our firm was founded by Manar Al Hinai, an award-winning creative and communications advisor, international journalist and entrepreneur. She has been working for the past 13 years with government entities and leading global corporations as an advisor on strategic communications, public relations, marketing, brand building, brand storytelling, digital content production, culture and creative project development and execution.

Our story began in 2010, when Manar was working with an emerging brand to help them develop their PR plans. After successfully helping launch and providing communications advising to multiple businesses, Manar began working with global brands looking to establish a presence in the Arab Gulf states. She has an unusual talent for storytelling and a creative take on brand development, and she often received encouragement from business leaders to establish her communications firm.

Soon afterward, she established Manar Al Hinai, a communications consulting firm that works alongside global corporations and industry leaders to help them achieve their targets. Today, Manar Al Hinai is a leading communications firm for global brands and organisations across multiple sectors, in which we collaborate with leaders who are focused on embracing change.

Our distinguished business model combines the power of storytelling and the mindset of an entrepreneur with a proactive approach to communications, PR, branding and marketing strategy that matches our clients’ ambitions.

As an international journalist and editor with over 13 years of writing experience and hundreds of published articles in international media and thinktanks such as CNN, BBC, National Geographic, Vogue, The National, Entrepreneur, the Middle East Institute Washington and the Arab Gulf States Institute Washington, Manar’s journalism expertise provides unparalleled insight into the development of PR and media strategies as well as reputation management.

In addition to her role as the CEO of Manar Al Hinai, Manar is the founder of Sekka, a leading independent media brand based in London that she built to reach over 50 million readers a year. She is also the founding director of the Khaleeji Art Museum, the first digital museum dedicated to art of the Arab Gulf states.

With headquarters in London, England, and a presence in the United Arab Emirates, our firm is positioned globally to help build and support leading organisations around the world.

Manar Al Hinai